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Your Introduction to Double Glazed Windows and Doors with Ecoline Windows | Sydney Leading Supplier

Double Glazed Windows and Doors | Sydney

As part of the Building Code of Australia, The Australian Glass and Window Association has outlined the guidelines for suitable window and door selection. The guidelines state that windows and glass doors must provide key structural aid, minimise air leakage, hold high water penetration resistance, and maintain ultimate strength against weathering. And, a way to ensure you’ll be abiding by all regulation is to buy double glazed windows and doors from Sydney-based specialists such as Ecoline Windows.

Double Glazed Sealed Units are manufactured by using a black spacer bar to provide either the air or argon gap between the two panes of glass.

What is Meant by Double Glazed Windows and Doors?

A double glazed window is also called an insulated glass unit (IGU). This is a new and mainstream method of bringing light into your home by using two panes of glass. Double glazed windows and doors are manufactured using two thick panes of glass mounted onto one frame but separated by at least 12mm. This separation holds a still pane of either argon gas or air using a spacer bar to allow moisture to move freely between the glass panes. With the option of argon gas, it will improve energy saving and thermal control capabilities. Then, underneath the separator, there is a specialised moisture absorbing desiccant.

What is the Impact of Double Glazed Windows and Doors?

The reason double glazed windows and doors are very popular are due to the heat conducting abilities as well as sound-reducing benefits. However, with there being two panes of glass and a separation segment, the benefits go on. For example; the amount of UV penetration is reduced in half, meaning you’re far less likely to absorb unhealthy rays. Here are some of the other benefits to using the leading standard of double glazed windows and doors with Ecoline: 

• Thermal Insulation and improved room cooling during summer

• Thermal Retention during Winter

• Sound Insulation

• Eradiation of Internal Glass Moisture 

• Energy Saving Capabilities 

• Increased Durability 

• Prolonged Lifespan 

 Enhanced Safety

• Heightened Eco-Friendly Properties 

• Amended Property Value 

• Perfected Aesthetic Appeal

How Ecoline Windows can Bring a World of Reliable Insulation to Your Home

When you’re wanting to install high quality and regulation-approved double glazed windows and doors, it’s always best to go through trusted providers such as Ecoline. Not only do you get access to thermal break aluminium technology and UPVC design, the customisable options for internal and external finishes ensure your Sydney suppliers of double glazed windows and doors bring personalised touches. As a Sydney-based and family-owned business, we design, make, supply and fit your double glazed windows and doors. Plus, there’s the added benefit of customer service as we hold enormous pride for our reputation and care for our customers.

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We are a Sydney family owned business manufacturing thermally broken aluminium double glazed windows and doors.

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To become Sydney’s leading company in promoting the environmental and cost benefits of double-glazed thermally broken aluminium windows and doors in the Australian market.

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