Tilt & Turn Windows


Thermal Broken Aluminium Windows | Tilt & Turn Outward Opening

Modern style | Strong and secure | Superb Engineering Design.


The starting point for all development is the U value that the final product should achieve.

ECO63 is a high-performance aluminium system that combines energy efficiency and aesthetic design. This system meets the latest thermal insulation requirements. The system offers a solution for every standard application for inward and outward opening windows and flush doors. Different inner and outer colours are possible.


Protect your house with the Best

One particularly significant feature of this system is its ability to protect you against heat. Inefficient windows are one of the main reasons why a building faces substandard insulation. THERMALLY BROKEN ALUMINIUM windows and doors by contrast, not only help you to save money (because greater thermal insulation means reducing energy consumption for either cooling or warming of your house) but also contribute to reducing the harmful emissions polluting the environment.

The Elegant Window and Door System. Security and durability, superb engineering design.


C70 UPVC Windows | Tilt & Turn Windows

The Elegant Window and Door System | Security and durability | Superb Engineering Design


Our tilt & turn windows are fabricated using the Kommerling C70 system which complies with AS 2047. All corners, transoms and mullions are welded offering a superior double glazed door.

As Europe’s leading brand name for PVC-U window and door systems, KÖMMERLING understands what the homeowners require in terms of product quality, style and reliability. Designed, manufactured and tested to the most stringent standards, the KÖMMERLING C70 range is everything you want in a window system: style, strength, security and a door that’s built to last.

All KÖMMERLING window and door profiles are steel-reinforced for maximum strength, security and durability. The profiles made of high impact – modified PVC are built to last, with mechanically joined or welded mullions and transoms. Comfort and style are enhanced by superb engineering design. Slim yet strong profiles combined with attractive styling give the system a sophisticated view and create an even slimmer appearance.

Key Features:-

  1. Low line  gaskets and weather seals provide long lasting performance with slimmer sight lines
  2. Five chambered system for stronger energy efficiency compared to three chambered designs.
  3. Full depth, interlock groove helps make the windows and doors more secure.
  4. Steel reinforced frames for added structural strength plus a welded system on all joints
  5. The chamfered design of C70 gives a modern and clean look through the frame, sash and glazing bead.
  6. Single leg glazing bead is highly secure and easy to install on site.
  7. Superb thermal and sound insulating performance
  8. Environmentally friendly as they are entirely recyclable and are lead-free to help protect our environment

The C70 window and door systems come with a wide range of colour finishes including white, cream, golden oak, rosewood,  grey and over a total of over 20 finishes.

The Kommerling C70 system is your best choice for double glazing specifications.