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Extra large door up to 6 metres wide allowing to seal the perimeter when the door is engaged

“In Australia extra-large windows and doors have become more popular because they allow more expansive views to the outside, more light inside, and in the hot months, better ventilation.


These advancements in technology come together in a beautiful fashion in lift & slide doors. In winter, these same floor-ceiling doors turn into sturdy walls to keep out the elements. While the technology has been around, Ecoline makes the best bespoke doors of this type with increased strength, better sealing, and improved security. We do it all at more cost-effective prices that you can find anywhere else.

Features and How They Work

The problem with large windows is that they are extremely heavy, yet placing them on wheels would leave open spaces for the elements to get in. The smart solution is to utilise a system wherein the locked position, the door is lowered flush to the rails with compressor gaskets to make it airtight.

When you need to move the door, turning the door lock 180 lifts the door slightly using a proprietary system. It rises by roughly 10mm, onto a set of wheels which allow the door to slide effortlessly in a stacked fashion or into a wall pocket.

This unique technology is so heavy-duty and sturdy that it supports windows of up to 400kg, which means you can have wholly wall-to-wall and floor-ceiling to a maximum 3m high and up to 6 metres wide per double frame door.

Why Buy Ecoline Lift & Slide Doors

Ecoline specialises in making high security, insulating, beautiful lift and slide doors for clients here in Sydney. We make them custom depending on the exact sizes you want from an option of material and designs.

For those who want maximum weather and soundproofing, double and triple glazing options are available. The framing can be made of aluminium, uPVC, or wood to offer strength and a beautiful finish. To support it all, heavy-duty hardware for the lift and slide casements makes our doors durable and robust.

Aluminium lift & slide doors are especially popular due to their modern finish, durability, and resistance to the elements.

For the best aluminium lift & tilt doors in Sydney, contact Ecoline Windows today to get a quote. Our comprehensive service also includes professional fitting and installation to give you a seamless, beautiful glass wall for your home that you can be proud of for many years to come


With a variety of secure locking mechanisms to choose from and top-quality materials used to manufacture your awning windows, you can have peace of mind about all your home security concerns. We can even manufacture awning windows with inbuilt security screens to give you an extra layer of protection.

Lift and slide doors are essentially floor-ceiling doors that can be opened during nice weather and closed to the elements when necessary. Ecoline design and manufacture custom made lift and slide doors in a variety of sizes using a variety of materials. Aluminium lift and slide doors are amongst the most popular choices for many people due to their durability, contemporary finish and ability to withstand whatever the climate throws at them.

The cost of sliding doors depends on a number of factors, including the size of the doors and the materials used in the manufacture. Although high quality lift and slide doors may be a little more expensive, this is offset somewhat by the minimal maintenance and ease of cleaning during the door’s lifespan. Leading lift and slide doors specialists such as Ecoline can provide an obligation free quote on request.

In contrast to conventional heavy windowed doors that rest on wheels and leave open spaces, lift and sliding doors utilise a system where, when locked, the door is lowered flush to the rails to achieve an airtight fit. When unlocking the door, the mechanism enables the door to lift slightly using a proprietary system onto a set of wheels which allows the door to easily slide to a stacking or wall pocket position.

Generally speaking, sliding doors can be as big as required in order to suit their purpose. Ecoline can create custom designed lift and sliding doors to meet almost all requirements.

Although aluminium framing is the most popular, some people prefer uPVC lift and sliding doors or wood lift and slide doors as they fit better with the existing look of their property.

If you have any questions or require a quotation regarding lift and sliding doors for your home or business premises, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and an advisor will be happy to help.  


With 10 years’ experience of manufacturing class-leading, energy-efficient doors for Sydney homes and businesses, we understand exactly what our customers need. Contact us today for more information about our lift & slide doors for your home!


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Aluminium & uPVC Lift & Slide Doors in Sydney Australia