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Casement windows

Our extensive range of affordable  casement windows bring together the simplicity of the hinged design with the latest in energy efficient, secure technology.

The ECO115 lift- slide door system from ECOLINE WINDOWS is designed for 24 mm double glazing units and allows very large sash


openings up to 3.0 m width and 2.6 m height. The maximum standard unit size is 5.8 x 2.60 m. A special overall width of 9 m is possible. Therefore, this lift-sliding door is an ideal opening towards the garden and terrace.

Furthermore, there is a special sealing system for optimized weather tightness. The threshold provides a thermal break, 115 mm installation depth, thus offering optimal thermal insulation. It is ideal for barrier-free homes.
ECO115 is available in various plain powder coated colors and special fluorocarbon metal finishes a virtually unlimited range of colors.
High quality hardware safeguards proper functioning with great handling ease.
Yet another particular hallmark of this door system is the pleasantly quiet and smooth running of the sliding sash regardless the weight.

Glass and aluminum are popular building materials for constructing windows and curtain walls. Only in combination with polyamide profiles which create a thermal separation between the aluminum profiles or shelves can these systems achieve the necessary heat- or cold insulating properties. Thermal separation in aluminum profile systems makes use of the physical advantages of plastics.
The starting point for all developments is the U value that the final product should achieve.

THERMAL BREAK ALUMUNUM WINDOWS from ECOLINE offers the best heat insulation and improved static qualities. With the help of an inner section inserted in the insulating chamber (Reinforced Polyamide), radiation and convection within the system is considerably reduced. This means an improvement in the U value of the window frame.

The ECO115 is an insulated sliding system that has been designed to respond to new demands for insulation (noise and thermal), aesthetics and security.

Security and durability superb engineering design.

  • Two part element with lift/sliding sash and fixed glazing
  • Two part element with two lift/sliding sashes
  • Three part element with two lift/sliding sashes and fixed glazing
  • Three part element with two fixed panes and a lift / sliding sash
  • Four part element with two lift/sliding sashes and two fixed panes

Security and durability superb engineering design.


Premidoor Lift and Slide Doors

The Perfect Balance of Aesthetic and Functionality

Lift and Slide Doors Every homeowner since the beginning has wished a house in the country, protected against the weather. In the cold season, lift/sliding doors offer protection against wind and weather and keep the warmth indoors – in summer they open up the house to nature. PremiDoor, the lift/sliding door from Profine, lets you design very large openings, E.g. for the garden and terrace, just as you want for the maximum light.

Your home opens into the garden; your terrace becomes your home.

PremiDoor is a genuine premium product, with a captivating slim design, timeless character, and technical features including the best values in thermal and sound insulation, stability, weather tightness, and, of course, reliability and ease of operation.

A great many design variants and unusual measurements with sash sizes up to 3.0 m wide and 2.5 m high _ provide the best conditions for an individual architecture. Another special feature is the optional integration of skylights.

No matter whether a centre or weather seal system, fixed glazing or bottom hung sash.

High quality hardware safe guards proper functioning with great handling ease. Yet another particular hallmark of this door system is the pleasantly quiet and smooth running.

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Premidoor Lift & Slide Features