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Aluminium & uPVC Doors in Sydney Australia

Aluminium and uPVC Doors

At Ecoline Windows we place emphasis on offering our customers with a diverse selection of door options, each delivering their own unique features and advantages. Whether you’re in need of a simple Aluminium hinged door that remains low-maintenance and attractive or something a little more contemporary like lift & slide doors, we have a style suitable for almost every need and preference. Enhance security, improve insulation and add a splash of personality to your property with Ecoline Windows.









Yes, aluminium doors are very safe. Although lightweight, aluminium is actually one of the strongest, most durable materials on the market. Aluminium doors in Sydney (or wherever you live) offer excellent protection against impact, knife jamming and other attempts at forceful entry.

Like other metals, aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat. So, if your aluminium door is exposed to heat or sunlight for a long time, it can get scorching hot. However, aluminium can hold its shape even when it gets really hot, so it won’t expand or get deformed at all.

While wood is an undeniably beautiful door material, several factors make aluminium doors a better option than wooden ones.

  • Durability: Unlike wood that requires regular maintenance and tends to warp, aluminium does not require maintenance and is designed to last for many years.
  • Practicality: Aluminium doors are a cost-effective choice compared to wood, as they’re more affordable and easier to instal than timber doors.
  • Versatility: If you want to have wooden doors, but your budget doesn’t allow it, aluminium doors are a better option. These days, aluminium doors come in various styles, colours and designs, with some even made to resemble wood.

Through the years, uPVC doors have become popular. Aside from being a good thermal insulator, very low-maintenance, versatile and cheaper, uPVC doors in Sydney (and in other places) are also resistant to rust and corrosion.

However, aluminium is clearly the strongest door material compared to uPVC and wood. Also, uPVC doors usually need a thicker, sturdier frame and must be painted as they are available only in white.

Aluminium is incredibly durable and hardly requires maintenance, yet it can last for many years. Aluminium doors, in particular, can have a lifespan of around 20 to 45 years.

In general, aluminium is a cheaper material compared to wood.

Designers and manufacturers of composite doors now provide customers with durable and weather-resistant front doors that won’t fade, warp or twist and provide excellent insulation.

That being said, aluminium is still the more superior door material, providing unparalleled durability. It is also lighter and endlessly recyclable, unlike composite doors that can have unrecyclable ingredients.

Hands down, the best door material is aluminium. However, the best door material also depends on the unique weather conditions in your area, your aesthetic requirements and budget. 

Aluminium doors in Sydney make perfect sense since aluminium works well, even in coastal areas.

Aluminium doors tick all the right boxes in terms of durability, strength and energy efficiency. They are also extremely low-maintenance. Those with wood-grain or smooth finishes retain their quality of not chipping or getting rusty. Aluminium is commonly used for making storm doors and patio door frames.

Composite doors are fabricated with a glass-reinforced plastic coating that makes them quite durable and resistant to environmental damage so that they can look shiny and new for longer.

If you need help choosing the best door material for your project, please contact Ecoline.

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At Ecoline Windows, we provide the highest quality Aluminium Thermal Broken and uPVC Windows. Ecoline windows give you class leading thermal performance with added value. All windows are specially made to your requirements including size, colour, style, finish, configuration, ensuring customers get a world-class product that adds value to their home. All our windows and doors are designed and manufactured to deliver superior energy efficiency, strength, durability, high-security multi-point locking, internal glazing beads and come with a seven-year warranty. It offers consistent quality with endless variety: awing, fixed, tilt & turn and sliding.

If you need help choosing the best door material for your project, please contact Ecoline.

We’ll be happy to assist you with your requirements.


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